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Enjoy our delicious family style Roast To Go - AVAILABLE SUNDAYS ONLY.

BE SURE TO ADD A TIME SLOT FOR COLLECTION TO YOUR ORDER...or we may not prepare your food and have to refund your order.

11 products
  • Roast Beef To Go (gfo)
  • Roast Chicken To Go (gfo)
  • Extra Pigs in Blankets
  • Extra Cauliflower Cheese (v)
  • 2 Extra Giant Yorkies
  • Extra Root Veg (v)
  • Extra Roast Potatoes (v)
  • Extra Homemade Pan Gravy (gf)
  • Extra Green Veg (v)
  • Extra Red Wine Vegan Pan Gravy (gf, ve)
  • Nut Roast To Go (ve, n)